About Me - Remo Daut - Cityscape and Landscape Photographer

I'm a cityscape and landscape photographer currently based in Chicago, but with my lens pointed towards broader horizons. People sometimes ask which is most important, the travel or the photography. But the two aren't easily separated: I have a constant urge to make new discoveries, and both travel and photography are fantastic methods of doing this.

Photography is such a powerful medium. It's a wordless language capable of stimulating incredibly intense emotions; of moving people in the most wonderful of ways. To have the opportunity to learn this language, and to try to become fluent in it, is a great honor for me.

In the digital age, our experiences are increasingly secondhand, superficial and lacking in substance. Travel is my way of keeping hold of something real: face-to-face relationships; physically exhilarating experiences. Travel also helps me maintain a connection with the land. We so easily forget that the land is in us, and we are in it: that we are little more than dust. So I guess that what I like most about travel photography is that it brings me back to the basics, to the things that really matter in life.

To be honest though, I'm in love with the whole process: from planning a trip, to scouting for a specific location; shooting in the cold light of dawn, or spending long hours editing those images on the computer. Above all though, I get a thrill from showing the results to others. Revealing the magic of the creative process - both man-made and natural. So many of the more beautiful things in the world go unnoticed. But it's precisely these small things that count. That bring happiness.

For as long as I can remember, travel has been a central part of who I am. It's how I know I'm alive. Even as a kid we would go trekking, or make trips on motorbikes. I've stayed traveling ever since. But although I'm always moving forward, there came a point when I realized that I wanted to hang on to the past experiences too somehow. To share them with those around me. That's when I became interested in photography.

I've been shooting for ten years now. I've done portraits, street shooting, all kinds of photography. But it was only about three years ago that I really became obsessed with landscape photography and understood that this is what I wanted to do with my life. Working with people is always rewarding. but in the end I needed space to be myself. I realized that it's only in nature that I can find this peace. And I knew that I never wanted to be without that feeling again.

Last year we went on an incredible trip to Iceland. In the coming months we have many new adventures planned: both closer to home and much further afield. So you can expect to see my website galleries really grow over the next year or so. I hope you'll join me on this journey, regularly coming back to check my progress.

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